The story of “Scandinavian Knit”

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I needed to travel to Beijing to attend a mobile internet conference, to learn something important about my passion.

I have been having trouble writing and sharing my ideas with you and finding the time to write and create!

But over the last week I realized how much I missed sharing, being honest, showing who I’am, and telling stories from my life. 

I need to let you in to my private space to give you the full version – a lot is not going to be about knitting, but it will be stories about what makes me who I am – and what is behind “Scandinavian Knit”.
Here it goes. The first chapter in a story of many fragments:

Beijing May 2014 GMIC – Global Mobile Internet Conference

The scene is set.

I’m attending GMIC Startup Contents on behalf of my husband and his app – a running game for kids. We’re are in the top 10 and I have to do a presentation. 

Thea at GMIC Beijing
(for those who might be interested you can find the presentation here)


This is my first time – EVER at an event like this.

I have my entrance pass around my neck, and I’m doing what I’m told, taking care of our booth as much as I can. I’m am traveling with AppCampus, but I’m the only one from our team. We are just the two of us and my husband is taking care of his daytime job and our kids. 

I allmost don’t get anything to eat or drink. I’m handing out business card, having my photo taken and try to speak to the common guest at the conference. ( I don’t speak Chiness…)  

The last day, some hours before the final in the completion, I realize that my pass, my VIP pass, grants me access to the vip lounge, to talk to investors, get food and beverage (my throat is so sore from talking and from the air!).

So I missed a lot of time I could have been talking to VIP persons. Instead I got to talk to some interesting chinese people!

A geek mom, gourmet interested geek girl, who wanted to talk to me about the world famous Danish restaurant NOMA, and a teacher interested in Waldorf School.

Our game had a lot of focus on developing kids motor skills and I ended up talking a lot about how knitting can help kids to learn to read and write!

photofun in Beijing GMICIn China it’s a huge thing with photo poses!

Gmic BeijingGuess who I found most interesting in the VIP lounge?! 

Thea on stage at GMIC

A woman came up to my at the VIP party that night.

At first I didn’t quite understood what she wanted, but then she took out her phone and showed me a picture like this and said;

“You where the only woman on stage; you made me so proud!”

WOW that made me so proud!!

IMG_8735Sweet Zoë, from an other team in the top 10. She noticed that we had oppersite colors. In fact from top to toe. Pretty funny.

We won a price for the best Windows phone app and I headed home to Denmark.

So, what has knitting to do with this start-up tech world?!

To be continued…….

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