My Special Throw

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When Does a Hobby Become a Passion?

This is the story of my turning point.  Also, I will share a link to sign up for the free recipe for My Special Throw.

Scandinavian Knit, Thea Dam Søby

I come from a family of strong, creative women who were always knitting, crocheting, sewing and making crafts. So crafts have been running in my veins from the very beginning.

One Christmas my sister wanted a crocheted shawl and I ended up making one for her and one for me. Mine was made from the most gorgeous blue-ish silk and wool yarn. It cost a small fortune, but it was worth it.

And so it happened:

I had some yarn left …

I decided to make a throw and bought just 2 skeins more, one pink, one brown. I already had a lot of gray and black yarn.

I made the pattern myself and had a few set rules:

  • The squares had to be round in the middle.
  • A strict pattern
  • An even number of squares.

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5 years and 3 pounds of yarn later

The throw ended up taking 5 years from beginning to end. (Yes I admit; sometimes i didn’t work on it for months!)

One square equals 1 hour of work. A total of 384 squares.

All those hours … of working hands …

Imagine if hands could talk?

Imagine if the throw could talk?

All my thoughts and feelings in those hours are captured and woven into the fabric.

Thea, the founder of Scandinavian Knit

Special squares

In the summer of 2006 I was newlywed and crocheting in the car home from our beloved house in Sweden, so filled with love for my husband and so I made one special square capturing that feeling.

One for love. For our love, for the throw that would keeps us warm in the years to come.

The same year that fall came September 19. Our son, Felix age 5, got diagnosed with cancer and thus began endless stays at the hospital. Praying. Hoping. Crying. Loving. My hands were restless and needed to work. So I crocheted some more and made new special squares.

One for a child’s need of healing, comfort, and love. One for the mother’s love. One for when he is well again and we can all snuggle under the throw.

As time went on, you know what happens; you get tired and worn out. Sometimes you turn to your love for support and sometimes you and your love drift apart. So I made a new square.

One for me. Standing on my own. Free from marital problems! Dreaming of my own flat, with my throw around me!

Felix got well again and the marriage survived and I ended up making 7 special squares. All symbols of each their aspect of my life.

Now we have been using the throw almost every day for several years. And it has truly become my most precious belonging!

One day a friend asked: “How much would it cost for you to make one for me?” I’ll tell you my answer a future blogpost.

My Speical Throw. Scandinavian Knit

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Photo: Kamilla Ramsøe

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  1. mary

    The scarf document all your life in these’s worthless and uncopied.hope to know what happened after that.:)

    • Thea

      Thank you Mary.

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