Musk Ox wool – soft and sustainable.

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Softer than cashmere and warmer than wool… Sounds like the beginning of a knitting fairy tale.

Musk oxen near Kangerlussuaq Photo by Mads Pihl

I first lay hands on the fiber in a yarn shop in Copenhagen. I was looking for something special to knit for myself – just looking and willingly to fall in love. In the middle of the shop there was a wonderful cape in some soft, brown wool. That was it! Just what I was looking for!

– Oh I see you found the most expensive yarn in the shop! the shop owner replied. The price for the yarn to the cape would be €160 or $180 – I got some nice ordinary wool in a other price range!

Well, now I’m interested in the sustainability around the wool and knitting industry and of course the musk ox has to be mentioned!

Qiviut – the inuit word for the musk ox inner wool, is stronger and 8 times warmer than sheep’s wool and softer than cashmere wool. There are two ways to get the wool; pick it up in the nature! For real! Go out in to the hills and collect the wool from shrubs and rocks in muskox habitat. The other way is to cut the hair from the skin from animals that have been shot. Each year there are given permission to hunt a certain amount of animals. It’s a big thing for a inuit to get to shot a musk ox. The meat from the animal is either sold (if it isn’t shoot be an inuit) or shared in the hunters community.  The skin is now sold to collect the wool.

Three years ago I got 100 gr!!! of this amazing wool and I’m still wondering what to make of it. Perhaps a cape?

Musk ox yarn

And the reason I’m writing this post today, is because I just saw that this shop has 20% sale on friday and saturday! January 30. and 31!

You can also buy the wool here:




The Photo of the animals are from, taken by Mads Pihl.

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  2. Evald Thybo

    Hello to you

    We are a company from Kangerlussuaq on Greenland which produces and sells musk-ox wool, if it has your interest we have a webpage called where you can see what we can offer our clients, I have put a price on 461us dollar per kilo musk-ox wool, but at larger quantity we can arrange a cheaper price.
    If it has your interest, we can also send a sample of our musk-ox wool so you can see our quality.

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    Regards Evald Thybo

    • Thea

      Thanks a lot, Evald.

      Can you post your link again?
      I’m afraid it isn’t working.


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