• Detail from the musk ox shawl.
  • Greenlandic Musk Ox shawl. Presented by Scandinavian Knit
  • Musk Ox shawl. Presented by Scandinavian Knit

Musk ox shawl

Qiviut – the Inuit name for wool from a musk ox.

I love all the social media knitting communities; you get to meet so many inspiring people and see their creations.

This time I found a musk ox shawl knitted by Najagtanguak Hansen.

A shawl, so beautiful that I finally (I think) know what to use my musk ox wool for!


Najagtanguak used the free Ravelry pattern Candle Flame.


If you never touched musk ox wool you have something to look forward to! It is so amazingly soft and warm! 

If you want to know more about the musk ox wool from Greenland or perhaps even buy some I can recommend you these places:


Musk-Wool in Kangerlussuaq 


Qiviut Musk ox knitwear, seal fur* products and other items from Greenland


Arnica Mostly knitwear, yarn and knitting patterns.


*If you want to know more about the very important seal hunting in Greenland, I can recommend this article from The Guardian

3 Responses

  1. Rebecca Willoughby

    I have a friend who lives in Greenland! The climate there is very harsh and the people are very warm and just wonderful. So many people have such a negative view on seal hunting! Yet the same people go home to eat a hamburger or steak for dinner, is that any different? No I think not. And I am so jealous of my friend in Greenland! She knits with quivit all of the time! For me a tiny bit of it costs $50.00! Lovely article today, I hope that people enjoy learning about the different lives of the people who live in parts of our world!

  2. Thea

    Thank you, dear Rebecca.
    Yes me too; I would love to stay there. My mother in law was from Greenland.
    I really respect the seal hunting. They use all part of the seal and they share in the community. There is a lack of jobs, so it’s essential for the living and the survival of the Inuit culture.

  3. Fernandalucia

    I like that one too! This is why it has been so difficult to pick a deviiitnfe picture I don’t usually get so many possibilities from the photo shoots, but today everything was perfect, the light, the model and the shawl!Lynette

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