silence in Sweden. Scandinavian Knit

“I’m completely done with knitting”

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And I’m convinced that it’s more or less for good!

I tell my friend in Sweden, Inge*, about it.  She just smiles and tells me it will be back.

But no, I’m sure.

There isn’t the smallest knitting spark left in me!

The scene is Småland in Sweden. July 2014. It’s 2 months after my trip to Beijing.

App Campus, who had given us a grant to make our app, gave us a final deadline. We had no chance to make it to the deadline.

We were tired; My husband had worked all his spare time for 2 years on this. I had been trying to start my own and had too little income.


Now I was in our Swedish summer cottage.

Thinking and thinking.

Rethinking and wondering.

I was done spending time on all sorts of things in different directions leading me nowhere. I wanted to make something straight forward.

If you are doing something that isn’t working –

do something else

Summer in Sweden. Scandinavian Knit


I sat in the garden, had the big sky above my. The forest nearby, the birds and the silence. 

And I had an inner flow of impression from China running in me. Like a computer working on breaking a code.

My husband sometimes talked about making an app for knitting, but I wanted something else. To me knitting is something you can’t put into data. It’s in your hands, in the yarn and needles. Yes, I know about Revelry and love it, but my imagination couldn’t put apps and knitting in the same categori.

Well, you know sometimes you tend to forget things that are inconvenient.

Like the Chinese mentor whom I pitch the running app idea to. Let me be honest; I did believe in the running app, I had put me heart into selling the idea, but still I was a bit distanced; It wasn’t my heart and soul this came from.

He looked straight through me, told me he didn’t believe in the app and asked about my story, how I ended up in the app world.

I told him. The story that start and end with the needles. How important it is that you use many different ways to stimulate learning.

He pointed at me: I believe in that! A knitting App!

Since my mind couldn’t combine these two worlds, one side of my was happy for the way he had outed me, but I put it far away; it was inconvenient.

Back the scene in Sweden. And the frustration that our app adventure was over and that I didn’t have much income. That my ideas always went in a 107 different direction.

This should be the end of all that. No more working on this and that, never getting anywhere!


Knitting is something I have alway used. To kill time, to relax myself, as therapy. As a way to create community. Be crative. For learning and so on!

But it never leads me anywhere, and now I was done wasting my time. And I didn’t had any desire to ever knit again. Never ever.

So we drove home.

I often get great thoughts driving home and suddenly all my thoughts and impression came together:

Knitting and Scandinavia is in my DNA, I can’t help it. I need to tell about it, need to teach about it and I need to have yarn and needles in my hands.

I need Scandinavian Knit.


*Inge is a different story, that I might write about some day, but have a look at her Facebook page.


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  1. Susan W

    I self taught myself knitting when I was 17 in 1973. No youtube. Just books. In my country they do not teach knitting in the schools. In the early 1980’s was the last time I knitted anything. For the remainder of the time, I raised my boys and sewn garments for them and me. Fast forward to 2012 and I picked up my needles again. Never say never. A 30 year hiatus and now I hardly sew.

    • Thea

      Well done Susan!

      Those needles…. they keep calling 🙂

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