Tiny basket for knitting. Scandinavian Knit.

Always say yes! Vintage treasure hunt part 3.

Yes – how I’m pleased with myself!

I went to Svend Johansson to see the textiles from his mother. 


There was no knitting supply, but a lot of hand woven teatowls made by his mother Stina Johansson. 

A linen damask tablecloth. 

And more. I’ll share some photos in another post.


This post is just to let you know: It was worth it.

Okay.. I got a little something for my knitting; a tiny basket.


Husqvarna motorbike. Scandinavian Knit.And there was a little something for my boys to dream about;

An old red Husqvarna motorbike!


Vintage tour part 2 

Vintage tour part 4



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