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Handmade textiles. Vintage treasure hunt, part 4.

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What did I find when I visited Svend Johansson?

I was a bit unsure what to expect, when Svend told me that he had a lot of his moms vintage textiles, but I trusted it to be worth the drive. And so it was.

I always pay attention to the tiny details that might reveal a story. This time I didn’t hear any, but my hands noticed the detail:

The tea towels and the damask tablecloth where all made in from linen, which is normal, but it was a very coarse linen.

Coarse Swedish vintage linen tea towel

It’s not easy to show on pictures but this tea towel is made from very coarse linen

Svend never thought about this detail, but now it was much easier to spot her works.

I got some kind of feeling with the woman behind. It tells something about you which kind of material you prefer.

Normally the handmade tea towel is made from a softer linen. So this woman, Stine Johansson liked the coarse materials. 

It reminded me of my materials science teacher, who loved being scrubbed when she used linen towl.  No soft cotton for her!


Nerdy information: did you know that the word “lingerie” is related to the word linen?

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