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To buy or not to buy? Vintage treasure hunt part 1

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A vintage yarn winder or …?

Well the last years I have decided to keep an eye out for vintage textile supplies – they are getting rarer and I love them!

So thrifting it is! Buy when ever you find something! Thats my motto.

But did I buy this winder? No!!


I drive around Sweden and have my favorite thrift shops – or flea markets – in Swedish; Loppis. (loppe is flea in swedish)

And I have made a promise to my self: To buy what I find when it comes to vintage knitting supplies.


This one was rare. I have never seen it before.

But it’s was to big and it didn’t fit an ordinary skien.

So I didn’t buy it. I want to be able to use what I buy.

So I went home. With a knitting book and a wooden spoon.


Vintage knitting supplies. Scandinavian KnitAnd did I regret it?! Yes indeed!

It toke two days before I was able to get back!

And was I nervous? Yes indeed.

What If some one else fund my treasure?!


It was waiting for me and I felt so silly for not buying it the first time.


Vintage treasure hunt part 2




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  1. Rebecca Willoughby

    You were lucky! Usually they are not still waiting for you when you go back. I know! I have kicked myself often for doing the same thing. I am still trying to find a big yarn swift just like that one…

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