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A suitcase full of “mojo” – my survival kit!

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I have a suitcase from my grandmothers aunt, Lisa Forsman, LF.

I got it when I was teenager and I loved it!

For many years I have kept old letters in it, then toys for our young guest, but it wasn’t enough.


The suitcase has always caught my eyes and started chains of ideas for a greater purpose.

And then it hit me – the suitcase is going to be my survival kit.

Linen yarn in the suitcase. Scandinavian Knit.

My mojo suitcase

A place to fill with inspiration:

Colors and shapes.

Something that smells nice.

Yarn I like touching.

Things that make me wonder.

A small drawing.

A postcard.


The list is long and I keep changing the content. So when I feel that my mojo or inspiration has gone or is low, when I need it, I can open the suitcase and let these little treasures talk to me and something will start to grow in me.


“Find your knitting mojo” workshop

At the knitting festival in May in Stockholm I’ll teach a workshop where you can learn to make your own “suitcase”of inspiration, so you will have you own speciale place to go to when/if your knitting inspiration or knitting mojo disappears.

The workshop will primarily be held in Danish.

Find more information at

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