Easy oxygen shawl a free pattern from Scandinavian Knit

Oxygen Shawl

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Knit like a fairy godmother or why I call the shawl Oxygen

Crochet edge. Scandinavian Knit

To me a shawl means warmth, comforting and protecting. A way you can embrace yourself with love and support.

This shawl is dark in top – dark and neutral, you are protected and invisible. The lower part is light.

The light is coming

The oxygen, to breath in and and create a life full of love and dreams come true, is coming

The oxygen rises as bubbles under water. You do not drown.

You are safe.

I added the strong silk to the lower part of the shawl, for strength and beauty. I made the bubbles a bit random and unorganized; just like life, you might not know where to get the next breath of oxygen, and you might get it surprisingly often or rare, but you’ll get it!

Then I made the final detail; a little crochet lace edge, just a luxurious and feminine touch, and send it to the one, who needed it.

That is how I knit; like a fairy godmother.

Oxygen shawl. Scandinavian KnitIf you want to learn to knit the shawl, you’ll find the knitting pattern here.

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  1. Letty

    I LOVE the explanation of your thinking for the design of this shawl. I liked it before, but I love it now. Thank you!

    • It Englen

      Thank you so much, Letty.
      It means a lot to me ❤

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