Knit an easy shawl

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I have always dreamt about shawls, huge, warm, beautiful and handmade.

I knitted my first two shawls in 2000. In a week in february and a week in june, both of them to keep my hands working while I was in grief. The first shawl was very warm, not that huge and not that beautiful. I never used it and ended up trowing it away (that lovely alpaca yarn! I should have dyed it!). The second time the yarn wasn’t that great, but the shawl got big and I didn’t have enough yarn so I had to add some different colors. The shawl got very warm and huge, but not that beautiful. I still use it in our house in Sweden and I love it.

So in 2006 when my son got cancer and my hands needed something to do, I wouldn’t knit a shawl! The shawl was at this time still related to death and this time there was going to be a lot of life! So instead I worked on my special throw.

Last winter I knitted an other shawl and this time it wasn’t for any sad reason. This winter I’m longing to knit a huge lace shawl with my musk ox yarn, but then I got to remember something:

A shawl is a wonderful thing to knit and for a beginner knitter it can be a challenge to get started on the first shawl. So with my ambition to make knitting easy to learn I just had to make a beginner shawl!

Tonight I finished the shawl. It’s very simple – except that I got carried away and made a crochet edge…. Now I just have to write the pattern for you, I promise; It’s going to be easy.

Knit a shawl

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