My name is Thea Dam Søby. 

I live in Copenhagen with my husband, Leif, and our sons, Magnus and Felix. 

We live 5 km from Copenhagen City Hall, and still get to enjoy having lovely garden, 2 cats and for the movement 4 chickens  (we have an on going controversy with a local fox, who thinks we are supplying him with fresh dinner!)

In the vacation and the long weekends we leave Copenhagen to go to our magical house in Sweden. Its a 3 hour long drive to the big forest, the silence and the open sky. 

My swedish grandmother, Birgitta, bought the house in 1966 and my sister and I inherited it in 2000. 

The craft

I have been knitting since my 6th birthday.

I wished to learn and my fathers wife, gave me yarn and needles and taught me to knit. What a gift! Somewhere along the way I added crochet skills, sewing, textile printing and more. 

Actually I love craft and textile so much that I got an education as a craft teacher and designer. A wonderful combination, cause I love sharing my passion and my skills to others. 

Scandinavian Knit

I love knitting, I love Scandinavia and I love storys.

My grandmother, Birgitta, was a very special woman, and I got to spend a lot of time around her growing up. She would make a table it she needed one. Fix the garden, give you some yarn for Christmas and a promise to knit a sweater.

She would tell me about her mother, Ester, her aunt Lisa, about her grandmother Anna. The almost came to live in her words. 

In the house in Sweden I found a box on the attic with my mothers handwriting  “The Craft museum in Abrahamshult”.

It turned out to be a box of textiles made by my great grandmother, her sister and mother with small notes telling the story behind it. What a treasure!
So here on this page I will tell you about Scandinavia, craft and people. 

And more?

Yes, I can’t help sharing pictures of flowers, the animals and other things that makes me smile, but in my life I also experienced my mothers early dead, serious illness of both my sons. I have been suffering from stress and depression, and mental health is a big concerns to me. 

You will be able to find it all with me.

Feel free to reach out to me, tell me about you and your story.




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  1. Birgitte

    Nice blog you have. Have to recieve your newsletter for inspiration.

  2. Iman Martel

    HI Thea,

    I am trying to buy knitting needles from Jans Wanell but am having a hard time because I live in the US. Do you have any suggestion of how I might be able to get them?



  3. Tina F

    Thea I can personally attest to knitting and a very particular superior diet combination having healed my depression and many other traumas and abuses recently.
    Spending this past July & August summer in unusually hot & sunny Copenhagen helped heal my downward attitude also. Wish I came across your website sooner to have met you there. Perhaps next summer 🙂

    I’d love to email you personally regarding help with knitting, can you share your email? I’m unable to find it on your website.

    Warm wishes

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