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Knitting as a haven in psych services

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In January 2017 I began as a volunteer at a psychiatric ward

I was invited by Søren Magnussen, a former patient who devoted all his time to bring different kind of small creative havens in the psychiatic wards. 

I came with my basket with yarn and knitting needles.

I came without any expectations and knowing that when you are dealing with fx. very depressed people, its varying if activities are possible.

I know. I’ve been depressed myself. Continued

Babytæppet - boblebær fra Scandinavian Knit


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I’m sick of Black Friday and all it’s consumerism.

How is this going to fit together? I could talk a lot about this, but that isn’t what’s on my mind today.

My words for today is




That is where life has meaning – at least to me.

So that is what I want to do this weekend  (november 25. – 2017)

I’m giving all my online knitting content away for free to anyone who wants to create something with their hand. This is including my online knitting class but I’m sorry to so say, it’s only in Danish.

And why?

I have spend hours creating these patterns and the knitting class and they are worth every penny!
But this summer and fall I been so busy! I have been knitting twice a week at a intensive psychiatric ward and tryed to raise money for this project, so I could spread it out. It didn’t succeed, so I have been busy raising an income by other means.
That is life when you are a sole entrepreneur, idealist and inventive!

But the patterns and the class has been tototally neglected! How stupid is that?!  It’s done and can be used over and over again.

So silly! I made it to pass on my joy of knitting.

This summer I created my online knitting class.
I have done something and been someone to people in a very vulnerable place in their lives, and still do.

Now is the time to give something.

I will give you, and anyone who read this, all my patterns for free and it you want it also my Danish knitting class. Just use the code – I want to knit

The code is working this weekend and you can download now and knit later.

Finally, I hope you’ll create a beautiful day ❤︎



You’ll have to add all three to get it for free.
Code: “I want to knit”

Danish knitting class 
Code: “Jeg vil strikke”

Scandinavian knit is going to Knitwork Stockholm 2017

5 reason for going to the knitting festival in Stockholm

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In May 2017 is hosting a knitting festival in Stockholm.

They have held two festivals in Copenhagen and now its time to go to Sweden. 

There are many reasons why you should go! Of course to say hi to me and join my “Find you knitting mojo” class or my talk about my special throw and how you make your special throw, but here is a list of the 5 main reasons to go to the knitting festival:


Open the suitcase of inspiration with Scandinavian Knit

A suitcase full of “mojo” – my survival kit!

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I have a suitcase from my grandmothers aunt, Lisa Forsman, LF.

I got it when I was teenager and I loved it!

For many years I have kept old letters in it, then toys for our young guest, but it wasn’t enough.


The suitcase has always caught my eyes and started chains of ideas for a greater purpose.

And then it hit me – the suitcase is going to be my survival kit.