Scandinavian knit - in february

A remembrance of those who left Sweden

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We have a wonderful house in Sweden, in Småland, the part for Sweden where a lot of people emigrated to Denmark, US and Canada.

All around the area there are signs of the great emigration.

These february days I could completely understand why you would dream of a better life in the new land.

Imagine this boy – he will soon be a young man.

Knitted scarf from Scandinavian Knit


Do you remember the look in his eyes? 

The dreams about how life should turn out?

dreaming in sweden


I love Sweden, but imagine that it most have been like in 1880.

Growing up working hard moving stone by stone just to get a small piece of land to grow….

It has been such a hard life, and I can easily imagine their dreams of a better life.



“Why are you knitting a scarf inspired by Stars and Stripes? I thought you want to show Scandinavian traditions”, said my husband.

Yes that’s my intention, but I also want to show people, who’s ancestors left Scandinavia to start a new life, what was left and what was brought to the new land; the craft and the knitting.

Find the free Stars and Stripes pattern here.


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