A free knitting pattern – a scarf with love from sweden

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The Stars and Stripes Scarf.

A pattern made with love from Sweden

Småland, Sweden. Scandinavian Knit

Needles: size 4 (or 3.5 mm) circular needles 16″

Yarn: 300 gr.  light fingering yarn* 

Color A: White

Color B: Red

Color C: Blue

Gauge: 30 sts 4″ (this is not that important for this pattern)


* I can recommend yarn from Ullcentrum.com, their wool is spun from pure Swedish wool from Öland or even better; find some yarn from a happy sheep near you.



Cast on 180 stitchs in color A.

Place a marker and join to work in the round.

Be careful not to twist the stitches

Knit 4 rows with color A, white

Row 5: knit with color B, red

Row 6: knit color A, white

Continue knitting one red and one white row until your work is aprox 30” or 75 cm.

Cut the red yarn (leave 4” or 10 cm to fasten the end)

Change to color C and knit 6 rows.

Start knitting the “mini-stars”, chart 1. (Ordinary lice pattern)

Knit 26” (or 65 cm)

Knit 2 rows without pattern.

3. row: start knitting chart 2, the stars. 

Cont. knitting 1” (or 2,5 cm) with the blue yarn.

For the rest of the scarf:

Knit 10 rows white, 10 rows red. approx 30” or 75 cm or as long as you may like the scarf.

Mini star, chart 1:                                                              Stars, chart 2:A stars and stripe scarf. Mini stars chart. Scandinavian Knit.
Stars for the Scandinavian Knit scarf. Free knitting pattern











Bind off.

Fasten the ends and close the end by sewing it together. Now the scarf is flat and closed instead of open and round.

Block and enjoy. 


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  1. Rebecca Willoughby

    Thea this looks wonderful! I can’t wait to make this for my step dad, he is a WWII veteran and would love it! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!

  2. Thea

    Thank you, Rebecca 🙂
    Hope he’ll enjoy it <3

  3. Lone Møbjerg

    Hvor er det et lækkert tørklæde (og en skøn model 😉 ), Thea. Og så elsker jeg din “tone-of-voice”: find some yarn from a happy sheep near you <3 Jeg smiler – tak.

    Kh fra mig

  4. Kellh

    Is it 300gr of each color or total, 100 each color? Thank you

    • Thea

      Good question 🙂 100 gr. in each color – thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂

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