Summer in Sweden

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I’m in Sweden this summer. In our old and wonderful house. I have 3 weeks vacations – and just few freelance assignments to do, but that’s okay. It’s been years since I last had vacation like this, I don’t have … Continued

Design in the drawer.

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All the most wonderful plans and ideas…. I bet you know it! You dream, you design, you make plans and everyday life comes and blows everything aside. Last winter I designed a wonderful sweater for kids and last summer I made another … Continued

Morning glory

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It’s May – almost June. I miss knitting and blogging as Scandinavian Knit, but this morning I did something new. I got up early, made a nice breakfast, let the chicken out, weeded some weed from the vegetable garden and … Continued

A give away winner

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Finally! This december is a bit crazy so time just flew away, but now…    The winner is Sunny    I’ll hurry to the post office and send the yarn and the towels to US from Denmark. And a big … Continued

Sweden in february

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A misty february day in the part of Sweden called Småland, amongst the pine and the birch trees, the stones, the silent forest floor, with the wild pig tracks, you can easily begin to image what made people leave for a … Continued

Swedish emigration

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Why on earth did they leave ? Do you ever wonder why any one could leave this amazingly beautiful country? A misty feburary day in Småland, I got a pretty good idea. To be continued…….

From the silent forest to the silent stage

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We went to stay in our house in Sweden, just a few days break, without the internet. It was wonderful and nourishing. Many ideas came to mind. On sunday our neighbor told us there had been some shooting in Copenhagen.

Oxygen Shawl

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Knit like a fairy godmother or why I call the shawl Oxygen To me a shawl means warmth, comforting and protecting. A way you can embrace yourself with love and support.

How to knit a shawl

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– a beginner knitting tutorial    “I can tell you – it’s a wonderful shawl” quote Miss Fluffy This beginner shawl pattern is made with inspiration from the traditional Faroese shawls. WARNING: New technical term may occur. Don’t panic just contact me and I’ll … Continued

Knit an easy shawl

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I have always dreamt about shawls, huge, warm, beautiful and handmade. I knitted my first two shawls in 2000. In a week in february and a week in june, both of them to keep my hands working while I was in … Continued

Hand dyed yarn from (G)-uld

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It has been snowing to night. Somewhere in the Danish countryside a clothesline looked like this in the morning. It means that Louise Schelde Jensen and Anne Støvlebæk Kjær, the women behind (G)-uld, was doing their magic yesterday: Hand dyeing alpaca wool.

Sustainable knitting

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The other day I listened to Woolfulls podcast about the process of the wool and sustainability. It got me thinking of Jens Wanell and his sustainable knitting needles.

The special squares

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“But where are the specials squares?” someone asked. How did I forget that? The squares tend to be invisible when I want to take pictures of them, but I can share this one. Did you sign up to the free … Continued

My Special Throw

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When Does a Hobby Become a Passion? This is the story of my turning point.  Also, I will share a link to sign up for the free recipe for My Special Throw.

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