The night before winter solstice

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Winter solstice is my birthday.

For many years I thought it was the most depressing day of the year to have birthday. It’s the darkest day of the hole year – we only have 7 hours of daylight in Denmark.

In the later years I have learned to appreciate the magic of the solstice – it’s the day the light returns.

I’m trying in my own small ways to contribute to break the taboo around mental health issues by trying to remember to speak up. Continued

Summer in Sweden

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I’m in Sweden this summer. In our old and wonderful house.

I have 3 weeks vacations – and just few freelance assignments to do, but that’s okay.

It’s been years since I last had vacation like this, I don’t have to do anything. I can just relax and follow my breath. I love it.

And then…  I open my Instagram, and starts to question myself:


It starts with the needles

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For my 6th birthday I wanted to learn how to knit.

My mom and her mom where very skilled when it came to craft, but my fathers new wife, Annelise, was the one who gave me the yarn and needles and showed me how to knit. Sometimes you have more patient with other relations than close family. You both make an extra effort to understand each other.

That is almost 40 years and a lot of stitch since.

What a gift!


I keep returning to the yarn and needles again and again.

I use knitting for:

*Meditiation – Creating – Teaching – Focusing*

and repeat from * to *

That was how I ended talking about knitting with the teacher, Nina and the tech mom, Mary, at the tech conference in Beijing!

I simply can’t help myself, when I talk of motor skills, education, stimulating learning, knitting always gets into the conversation.

This time I got to talk about the importance in stimulation children in many different ways, to help them developing their motor skills and as well as abstract thinking, and the experience of creating something three dimensional in your hands.

I was a strange experience picthing for investors and talk business talk, while my heart and mind had started a storm of pictures and ideas.

You know, the kind of storm where you almost don’t sense it – it’s just a flow of fragments pass through.

2 months later I was done with knitting and  sure it wouldn’t come back to me.

To be continued….

Design in the drawer.

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All the most wonderful plans and ideas…. I bet you know it! You dream, you design, you make plans and everyday life comes and blows everything aside.

Last winter I designed a wonderful sweater for kids and last summer I made another size. Toke my notes and gave the sweaters to some dear boys. Perfect.

Well that was until I should write the pattern down; I missed a lot of measurements! Now it’s late spring and soon I’ll get the sweaters back so I can get the pattern down!

I promise myself that the pattern will be ready by the end of August!

But what really is on my mind is that its okay. I have so many plans and dreams for Scandinavian Knit, and I want it to be perfect. So perfect that I don’t get anything out! But you know what?

This is just me.

Just Thea and my ideas and love for knitting and Scandinavia, so this is what you’ll get.

Someday it will be great and full of stories, other days it will be just me and my life.

Feel free to comment.

Love, Thea

Morning glory

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It’s May – almost June. I miss knitting and blogging as Scandinavian Knit, but this morning I did something new.

I got up early, made a nice breakfast, let the chicken out, weeded some weed from the vegetable garden and went back inside to my coffee and my first sprung peony.

What a bless.

And then I realized: This is the perfect time for me and for Scandinavian Knit and for blogging.

I have so many stories I want to tell, so today this is a promise to you and to me; I’ll make time.

Make a wonderful day.




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