5 reason for going to the knitting festival in Stockholm

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In May 2017 Knitwork.dk is hosting a knitting festival in Stockholm.

They have held two festivals in Copenhagen and now its time to go to Sweden. 

There are many reasons why you should go! Of course to say hi to me and join my “Find you knitting mojo” class or my talk about my special throw and how you make your special throw, but here is a list of the 5 main reasons to go to the knitting festival:


A suitcase full of “mojo” – my survival kit!

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I have a suitcase from my grandmothers aunt, Lisa Forsman, LF.

I got it when I was teenager and I loved it!

For many years I have kept old letters in it, then toys for our young guest, but it wasn’t enough.


The suitcase has always caught my eyes and started chains of ideas for a greater purpose.

And then it hit me – the suitcase is going to be my survival kit.


Knitting Mojo – has it gone?

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Have you ever experienced that your knitting mojo disappeared?!

I wrote about it before, but now I’m going to teach a workshop on how to find your knitting mojo!

What is Knitting mojo?

Knitting Mojo:

  • The feeling that keeps you knitting
  • Keeps the knitting ideas coming
  • Makes your eyes eat the colors in the yarn shop
  • Makes your fingers wanders over the yarn fibers
  • Makes you spend hours on Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram finding patterns to knit 
  • And a lot more!

But sometimes someting awful happens: you look at your knitting without ever wanting to knit a single stitch!

It’s like someone has cast a spell on you: what on earth where you doing before? With all that boring yarn and needles.  And why on earth you buy all that yarn?!


That is painful!

Going from having a hobby that you love, that keeps your hands busy, makes you create wonderful things, to this? Not ever wanting to knit again.

That’s bad!

What to do when the knitting mojo has gone?

I have tried it enough times to know how to handle it! 

  1. Relaxe – take to some time not to worry about it
  2. Surround with things that inspirere you
  3. Be prepared!

“Be prepared”?! Thats so much easier said than done! When you’ve got you mojo working, you don’t ever expect it to disappear, so why prepare for it? Well because it can be a “life saver” for you mojo if it happens and if it don’t you’ll find that it can be a very special place to go to for inspiration.


It’s at the knitting festival, Knitwork Stockholm 2017, I’ll be teaching a workshop called “Find your knitting mojo”. At the workshop you will learn how to make a “suitcase” full of stuff that inspires you and make you glad! In the next weeks I’ll share much more about keeping your mojo working, both here and on Instagram and Facebook

Read more about and sign up for the workshop – the workshop will be held in Danish.




The night before winter solstice

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Winter solstice is my birthday.

For many years I thought it was the most depressing day of the year to have birthday. It’s the darkest day of the hole year – we only have 7 hours of daylight in Denmark.

In the later years I have learned to appreciate the magic of the solstice – it’s the day the light returns.

I’m trying in my own small ways to contribute to break the taboo around mental health issues by trying to remember to speak up. Continued

Summer in Sweden

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I’m in Sweden this summer. In our old and wonderful house.

I have 3 weeks vacations – and just few freelance assignments to do, but that’s okay.

It’s been years since I last had vacation like this, I don’t have to do anything. I can just relax and follow my breath. I love it.

And then…  I open my Instagram, and starts to question myself:


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